How counselling can help you

“The term counselling includes work with individuals and with relationships which may be of developmental, crisis, support, psychotherapeutic, guiding or problem solving. The task of the counselling is to give the client an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more satisfyingly and resourcefully.” (BAC 1984)

Therefore counselling can help clients to understand and clarify their own views of their life space and to learn to reach their self-determined goals through meaningful, well informed choices and through resolving of problems of an emotional and interpersonal level.

What type of clients?

I am a generic counsellor, therefore work with a range of clients to explore a range of problems.

My services therefore offer counselling for:-

  • Women
  • Men
  • Students
  • Work related Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Adults with ADHD
  • Substance Misuse


The first session is 1 and a half hour consultation session and thereafter all sessions are hourly. Charge is £40 per session.