Counselling services Bridgend

Counselling Bridgend

Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling to cope? Or just worried? What can you do if things are getting too much?

I offer counselling in Bridgend, South Wales that are tailored to the individuals needs. I also endeavour to create a safe, secure and confidential environment enabling openness and ease of disclosure of what can be delicate, sensitive and often painful issues.

Counselling for women

Talking and being heard is extremely healing for women. This is especially true in a world where women are expected to be the listener and carer, with little understanding about what women need to feel connected to and understanding of herself. Talking about what is going on in your life can help you understand more fully your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, roles and behaviours. This can lead to greater self-acceptance and empowerment in the decisions you make for yourself and in your relationships.

Counselling for men

Every man has a unique personal story to tell but we all endure similar troubles as we go through life. Many men face issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, becoming a father, anger, sexual identity bullying, stress etc. An effective counsellor will make sure it’s clear what you want to get from counselling and help you through your problems, the main thing to remember is: you don’t have to face it alone.

Counselling for Students

Here at Free Spirit I aim to help students with personal and emotional difficulties which may be interfering with their life and work at University such as stress, Anxiety/panic, Depression, Self harming, Family problems or other personal issues

Counselling for work related stress

Stress is an inevitable but complex companion to our working lives. Without challenges and pressures, work would lack sparkle, but we all have the capacity to be overwhelmed by work-related stress, and to experience its exhausting effects. It is impossible to escape pressure at work altogether, so it is important to learn how to manage stress and here at Free Spirit I help you to identify which situations stress you the most and help you work through them.

Bereavement Counselling

Provide counselling and support for anyone bereaved by death to help them understand their grief and cope with their loss.

ADHD Counselling and Support

Counselling gives people with ADHD an outlet to express their feelings. It also gives them a source of advice to help plan for success. Therapy is used to treat anxiety, poor self-esteem, depression, and other problems. I can offer one-to-one sessions with Adults ADHD or offer consultation sessions to parents which can help everyone in the family to cope with the challenges of living with someone who has ADHD.